Conveying equipment

The metal packaging industry is constantly looking for innovations and improvements in production processes.

To optimize your line lay-out or to modify your manufacturing process Canline developed many handling solutions.

Separate units of conveying equipment are available now in several shapes and executions:

  • Elevators/lowerators in L, S, C or G shape will secure your product orientation during handling.
  • Conveyor types: belt, slat-chain, duplex chain, cable, modular belts, air in single or mass execution.
  • Holding force power: magnetic, vacuum & combination of MV.

Depending on your packaging, Canline conveying equipment is adjustable for different sizes and material of packaging, by using magnetic, vacuum and/or combination of both.

Moreover, packages are becoming lighter and production speeds higher, product stability is a very important item regarding line efficiency.

With the help of Canline magnetic and/or vacuum conveying equipment you will get smooth transfers in your production area.

For more information please contact us or take a look at our brochure Conveying Systems.