Specialist in Metal Packaging Conveying & Handling Systems

CANLINE is a world-leading specialist in turnkey projects for conveying and handling systems in the metal can and end making industry. With expertise in magnetism, vacuum, and air technology, we provide efficient and flexible transport solutions worldwide. Our customer-focused approach, combined with new materials and technologies, allows us to offer customized solutions that enhance production efficiency.

Conveying Solutions Worldwide

CANLINE delivers conveying solutions worldwide, with a special focus on Europe and the United States of America. Our extensive network of experienced partners allows us to bring our expertise and support to every corner of the globe. 

Our Customers

CANLINE is the preferred choice of industry-leading players in the metal packaging sector. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining complete conveying systems. What sets us apart is our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions for the entire production line of both food cans and ends.


CANLINE is committed to sustainability across all aspects of our business. As a leading provider of conveying and line control solutions for metal packaging, we prioritize environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable practices. Our solutions, focused on aluminum and steel packaging, contribute to the circular economy and reduce waste. Find out more about our contributions to People, Planet, and Prosperity.

More about Sustainability

CANLINE's Services

Design, production and installation of complete lines 

Delivering turnkey projects for new greenfield plants.

Modifications of existing lines 

Modifying and updating existing brownfield conveying lines.

End of life upgrades

Providing tailored conveying solutions to replace outdated equipment in existing lines to improve efficiency.

System concept simulations

Simulations for greenfield projects, sections, and equipment. Allowing to accurately simulate and optimize conveying system design before implementation.

Turnkey solutions for can and end lines

Offering a turnkey solution including (3D) layout design, hardware, software, installation, line control, maintenance, upgrades and service contracts.