For CANLINE sustainability is a fundamental part of our business strategy. Being environmentally, ecologically, socially and financially sustainable is not a choice, it’s a requirement. 

Our Impact Transcends Borders

At CANLINE we make and develop conveying and line control for aluminium and steel packaging solutions. This means our solutions and services have an impact on the end product: aluminium or steel cans and ends. Our impact transcends borders, as these cans and ends are present in everyday life all around the world.

People, Planet, Prosperity

In CANLINE’s Sustainability Plan we specify ambitions and objectives in order to have a positive impact or change on the 3 sustainability pillars People, Planet and Prosperity. This results in clear goals in which we include all our stakeholders in our sustainability approach, to create a sustainable impact together.

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At CANLINE we strive to have a positive impact on People. We provide a safe and healthy work environment and ensure fair wages and benefits for our employees. Besides our own employees, we focus on our stakeholders. We are constantly in dialogue with our customers and we invest in innovation to better serve their needs.


With CALNINE’s services and solutions we - may it be indirectly - have a big impact on health and the environment. That is why at CANLINE we adopt environmentally sustainable practices throughout the whole product lifecycle. For this we have identified 3 scopes: Internal, Equipment, and Suppliers.


At CANLINE we try to generate economic value for all stakeholders, while not losing sight of sustainable development and long-term prosperity. By focusing on environmentally sustainable practices in our Research and Development, we aim to generate both economic value and to have a sustainable impact with our solutions and services.


In aiming to make CANLINE’s operations as ethical, ecological and efficient as possible, we selected EcoVadis as the platform to assess our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance. EcoVadis has defined 21 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) criteria, which are grouped into 4 themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. Every year, the EcoVadis rating measures the quality of CANLINE’s sustainability management system through its policies, actions and results.

15 by 30

CANLINE’s sustainability objective is defined in our strategic objective “15 by 30”. This implies that we are committed to fulfil a selection of 15 UN Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030. We are ambitious and know that the call for action is urgent. In order to achieve our “15 by 30” objective we have a roadmap and activity plan for the years to come.