The high speed, inline Twister from Canline gently and rapidly inverts or rotationally positions your cans, jars, bottles, ampoules, boxes and other containers towards any angle you want within a 450 mm length. The Twister inverts your product in a continuous flow in filling and packaging operations.

The Twister allows any required sequence of attitude changes when positioned in combination, either spaced apart or contiguous. There is no practical limit to the size, shape and nature of articles which can be handled. Any component which is in high volume production is a likely candidate for improved efficiency with the Twister.

An ink-jet coding or cleaning system can for example easily be installed between two 180° Twisters. Also product positions for machine infeed can be changed in a short and small area.

The Twister is constructed from low friction ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material which is highly abrasion resistant and chemically almost inert.

Supports and other fittings are from non-corrosive materials. The Twister will operate on all type of conveyors or over dead plates or other tracks.

The Twister is custom designed to the dimensions of the product which shall be handled on the unit. For 180° change of attitude of normal size containers a standard length of 450 mm, for extreme small containers, i.e. ampoules, batteries, pharmaceutical flasks etc., a standard length of 200 mm is usual. Such standard length allows quick and easy change over when handling different products on the line.

For more information please contact us or take a look at our leaflet Twister.